Guanghua Theater 六龜光華戲院

Liugui District 六龜區 is a rural district in Kaohsiung. The main town, also called Liugui 六龜, is quite small but as with many small towns in Taiwan it had a movie theater.

Liugui actually had two theaters, Liugui Theater 六龜戲院 and Guanghua Theater 光華戲院. Unfortunately, Liugui Theater is no longer around, but Guanghua Theater(also known in Liugui as the new theater) is still standing.

There’s not much information about this theater. It opened in 1970, and I’m sure like most old theaters in Taiwan, they would have played movies, had puppet shows, plays, and dance shows. Not sure when it closed down. I’d guess sometime in the early 80s.

As you can see from the pictures, it’s now just used for parking and storage.

Inside isn’t much to look at these days, but the screen is still there.

Ticket window.

Here’s a few pictures of Liugui’s old downtown.

Liugui is now a popular area for the scenery, hiking, and hot springs. So if you are in the area you can stop by the theater (高雄市六龜區文武里河邊巷64號) and say hi!


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