Rural Clinic

This old clinic is pretty small and not much to look at on the outside, but I think that it’s still pretty nice on the inside. And worth checking out if you’re in the area (location down below).

There isn’t much inside either so I don’t mind sharing this since there isn’t really anything to steal. Except for the giant plaques. Don’t steal them. Thanks.

I never did find out what kind of clinic it was.

Maybe not the most interesting place but I think that it gives a feel of what clinics looked like back in the day.

These pictures are from a trip in 2016 and one in 2020. When I went back in 2020, half of the clinic was torn down. The front waiting area was still there though.

The plaques.

妙手回春 Miàoshǒuhuíchūn
A saying to praise a doctor’s skills.
Not sure about this one.
德術兼修Dé shù jiān xiū
Another plaque praising the doctors skills and morality
Praising the doctors kind heart and great skill.

Scooter parking available.

November 2003.
One of the few leftovers.
Someone at some point did a nice erotic photoshoot here.
And was kind enough to leave a few photos.
From 2020. It’s now an open air clinic.
Not much parking near the train station.
Not sure why half was torn down and then rest left standing.
Nature loves to take over.
Nature loves to take over 2.
Where did the signs go?

The clinic is very close to the historic and cool Baoan Train Station 保安車站 and the Chimei Museum. So if you happen to be in this area, you can walk down and see if the clinic is still there and say “Hi!”




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