Ruimao Theater 瑞茂戲院

The Ruimao Theater 瑞茂戲院 is located in the small town of Guogou 過溝 in Chaiyi County 嘉義縣. It’s a small rural town near the coast. It’s another one of these towns that you can’t believe had a theater, and yet it did. And a beautiful one at that.

I first visited this theater a couple of years ago. I was recently in Chaiyi, so I figured I’d go and check out the theater again. I discovered that the theater is now boarded up so I figured it would be a good time to write about it. The pictures are from both trips.

I can’t actually find much online about this theater. So not sure when it was built or closed down. It was apparently built after World War 2, and I’ll guess closed down during the 1970s. So not much to write. Just enjoy the pictures.

Ticket Booth.
Movies were shown early afternoon until the evening. Farmers and fishers have to get up early.
The entrance.
Not much left of the roof and no back wall.
Lots of wood. Maybe cypress from Alishan.
Stairs going up to the projection booth and upper level.
The upper level.
Projection booth. No idea if there are still projectors. I didn’t dare walk on the floor.
Grand view.

Back shot.

If you are heading to the more famous spots of Baishui 白水湖壽島 or the High-Heeled Shoe Church 高跟鞋教堂 you can swing by the theater (嘉義縣布袋鎮過溝西安里廈厝78號) and say hi!


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