Meinong First Theater 美濃第一戲院


Meinong 美濃 in Kaohsiung County is a small famous Hakka town. It was even named one of the “Top 10 Small Tourist Towns” by the tourism bureau. I have been to Meinong many times over the years to enjoy the scenery, food, old buildings, and of course the old movie theater.

Prices and Times

As you know from other posts Taiwan had a lot of old movie theaters, even in the countryside. As Taiwan modernized it was a place to come and see puppet shows, plays, and movies. They were usually the center of entertainment in the towns.

Of course, as TVs became more widespread in the 1960s and 70s it started the decline of Taiwan’s golden age of Cinemas. Meinong’s First Theater was no exception.

Looking towards the silver screen

There’s not much left in the theater but it’s nice to see the screen is still hanging. There are no projectors or seats left.

I don’t believe that these are originals from the movie theater. They were probably made recently to give the theater a more retro feel since the town does hold some cultural events at and outside the theater from time to time.

You can explore the whole theater. So go upstairs and check out the view from the projection room.
I really enjoy the nature takes over aspect of exploring abandoned places.
台檢臨= Inspection area?? Not really sure what this means.

Meinong is a beautiful area of Kaohsiung and a special town. If you go remember to try the famous bantiao noodles 美濃粄條 and check out this great old theater and say Hi!

It’s pretty easy to find, just google 美濃第一戲院 and walk in the side and enjoy.


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