Jinxing Theater 金星大戲院

Most small towns, even on the east coast of Taiwan had a movie theater.

The front is still standing strong.

Nearly every year I take a solo birthday trip. This year I picked Taitung 台東 on Taiwan’s east coast. Taitung is famous for its clean air and beautiful scenery. I picked it because I wanted to take the famous old train from Taitung 台東 to Fangliao 枋寮, drive around the beautiful east coast, visit some old sites, and of course check out a few old abandoned theaters.

Jinxing Theater 金星大戲院 is in Zhiben 知本. Zhiben is mostly famous for its hot springs. I went to Zhiben for the hot springs once before. I don’t really enjoy hot springs and definitely, don’t care for them during Taiwan’s hot summer. So, this trip to Zhiben was just about the movie theater.

This theater suffered the fate as many other small-town theaters. Whenever TVs became more commonplace, people stopped going to them. Many where destroyed, a few turned into other shops and some like this one still stand as a memory for the golden age of Taiwan’s theaters.

Not much left inside this one. It’s still a great area to visit and if you’re there for the hot springs stop by Jinxing Theater 金星大戲院 and say hi!


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