Kinmen’s Secret Tank 金門的秘密坦克

As I mentioned before, my first trip to Kinmen 金門 was good, but it was long before Google Maps, widespread internet information, and Instagram. I enjoyed myself but I really had to get back.

So I went back in the fall of 2016. And really did a better job of exploring the awesome island and had a little help from friends of course.

Defending the ROC

While I was in Kinmen an Instagram friend contacted me and said I know of a thing that you may be interested in seeing but you can only see it during low tide. I was like, oh yeah, I gotta see that. I didn’t even know what it was and said to send me the info.

Well as you can tell it was for an old beached M18 Hellcat tank.

These tanks were sold to the Republic of China and used in the defense of Kinmen. I am not sure how this tank actually got stuck on the beach or when. It could have gotten stuck in the sand and left, or maybe used for a decoy. I’m not really sure how.

Definitely worth the early wake-up.

To see the tank you have to go to Oacuo Sandy Beach 歐厝沙灘 during low tide, So find out the tide schedule. I went during sunrise and really liked that time because there were people working on the beach me, and no one else.

To check out the tide schedule you can check here Chinese only though.

Oacuo beach 歐厝沙灘

You have to walk along the beach for a bit, but you can watch the fishers as you walk and enjoy the sunrise.

I see something.

I returned to Kinmen in April 2022 and of course, returned to check out the tank.

The tank is pretty popular now. So a steady stream of people going for their pictures.
The weather wasn’t great this trip, but it made for a very nice and spooky walk.
Still here.
Defender of the Beach.

Also at the beach, there must have been a wharf or some kind of refueling station. There are old oil cans very close to the tank.

Kinmen was really turned into an island fortress and every beach is still covered in anti-landing spikes. There are especially cool at Aocuo beach.

If you walk up the dunes you can get good views of the beach.

Another bonus of going to see the tank is that you can see fishers digging for clams.

This tank is quite popular on Instagram now and pretty easy to find. Remember that you have to go during low tide though. And remember that there is a bit more to enjoy at the beach than the tank. Go at low tide and say hi!


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