Huangpu 7th Village 黃埔七村

June 2020

Huangpu Seventh Village is now gone. I felt it was a pretty special military village because of its very yellow, kind of brutalist block-style housing.

It was located in Fengshan, near the Republic of China Military Academy 中華民國陸軍軍官學校(黃埔營區). It was built to house teachers at the military academy. At the time they would have been a bit bigger and more modern than normal housing for military members.

I don’t know much more about this village, so let’s get to some pictures. I hope you like yellow.

You definitely had to like your neighbors.
Some people continued to live in a few of the houses until at least 2021. Mostly, it was used for parking, though.
The siding on the roof was added to basically add another room. It is illegal but very common in Taiwan.
Angkor Wat vibes.
Why didn’t they use yellow? Rebels!
That’s better. Nice yellow siding.
One family below and one above.

Here’s what some of the rooms inside looked like.

Here are some of the more interesting things I saw inside the homes.

I went again in June 2020(on my birthday) and the demolition had started.

I went back in November 2020 and it was all gone.

So that’s pretty much it. I may have missed a cool picture and will go back and add it later. There isn’t much in Chinese about the village. I did find this blog post showing some of the demolition That’s about it. So one of my favorite neighborhoods in Fengshan is gone.


3 thoughts on “Huangpu 7th Village 黃埔七村

  1. Is it now vacant land? The property of the Ministry of Defense or of the Army? I liked seeing it. Some neighborhoods that belonged to the Navy in Zuoying were like that, too, and some pertaining to the Air Force in Kang-shan. I’m guessing that former residents may have been moved to old-soldiers’ homes.

    Your juxtaposition of the picture with the pinups next to the one with the Christian placque is interesting. If these are facing walls in the same room, it speaks to a lively faith.

    Thanks again.

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    1. Many of the houses in zuoying are now used as commercial or art spaces, with plans for more. A lot of the houses are really nice now. I think in Gangshan, most have been demolished, but a couple have survived, and I think that they will do similar things as in Zuoying.


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