JinSha Theater 金沙戲院

JinSha Theater( Golden Sand) Theater 金沙戲院 is located in Jinsha Town 金沙鎮 , Kinmen . It was like many outer island theaters used many as a place for soldiers for entertainment.

But unlike the theater in Penghu, this theater stayed open a long time. It was the center of economic activity in Jinsha for many years. But with the need for fewer soldiers in the area and an aging local population ,unfortunately, the theater closed in 1987

I first went to Kinmen in the mid-2000s and didn’t fully explore the island as well as I could have. So I was happy to go back a couple years ago with more information and Google Maps rather than just a tattered Lonely Planet.

Hope it’s still there.

I love seeing and finding the old projectors still there. I always have trouble sharing places because people can find out and vandalize or steal stuff. But a theater like this is famous enough and blogged about enough on Taiwanese blogs that I don’t feel that I can do any damage to a place as known as the “Gold Sand Theater”.

Unlucky 4

Kinmen has endless places to explore. Here are a couple others to get you started.

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