Minxiong Ghost House 民雄鬼屋

With Halloween right around the corner, I figured it would be a good time to write about the famous Minxiong Ghost House 民雄鬼屋 !!

Also known as Liu Family Mansion 劉家古宅 . This beautiful house is just outside Chiay City 嘉義 .

Believe it or not many people think that this place is haunted. Since ghosts aren’t real, I am pretty sure that it isn’t.

This beautiful three-story house was built for the Liu family (劉溶裕) in 1929. They lived there for a long time but as the children got older they moved to to Chiayi.


The house was then left to nature and of course, nature always wins.

This house always gets onto the most haunted places in Taiwan lists. Mostly because of two stories. One involved a maid and the master of the house and the other is about soldiers who stayed there after the Liu family left.

Both don’t seem to be totally true but hey ghosts, and it’s fun to be scared.

We went a couple years ago. It’s pretty easy to get to if you’re near Chaiyi, but you will need a scooter. I do recommend this Ghost House as a place to go and check out, but I wouldn’t expect to see ghosts.

??Scared Yet??

Also, very close to the famous Ghost House was another nice old house that, if still there, you can go and check out.


If you walk out of the Ghost House forest and into the rice field you can find the other house.

The great Chainan Plain.

If you go and see the famous Ghost House, don’t forget to go and find the other beautiful house.

Don’t forget to check out this house too.

If you want to know how to go to the Minxiong Ghost House 民雄鬼屋 , just google it. It’s pretty easy to find.


2 thoughts on “Minxiong Ghost House 民雄鬼屋

  1. Nice! I want to check that out. I’m not a believer in ghosts myself, but I am fascinated by folk religions and beliefs. There a few abandoned places in Korea are considered haunted as well. However, the most famous, Gonjiam Hospital, was torn down in May 2018. It had inspired a movie with the same title but filmed somewhere else.


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