Kaohsiung’s Cool IG Building 高大百貨

Jack Jack Jack

I was actually looking for an old theater, 華國大戲院, in a part of Kaohsiung that I rarely go to and saw this super cool and old-style building that you rarely see in Kaohsiung.

It has a bunch of shops on the bottom floors so I went in and looked up and saw this.

Going up.
All the IG stars can bend this so they can get the full shot. I am unfortunately not a star.

So walked around and around and there was no ground floor security(not anymore) so I was like fuck it let’s go to the top and man am I ever glad that I did.

I later did some googling and found out that the building was built in the late 1970s and the top floors were a hotel 龍華港式大飯店.

Also, I found out that before I first went to the old hotel area, the top floors had some hotel leftovers but was mostly filled with garbage.

So a real, better late than never kinda positive one!


I did a few IG stories and a couple of posts about the building over the past year(years now) or so, so the word got out.

If you go and check it out, remember that there is a lot of trash on stairways and dogs on the roof, yes dogs on the roof!! (not anymore)

The roof dogs are up there

Last time I was up there though there were workers doing construction and other worker stuff. They didn’t mind me and my friend up there but maybe that will change soon.(yup, lots of work going on the top floors)

Mostly want to get this blog post out because a Kaohsiung Facebook social page shared the address of this place so I think that it will become even more popular than just among the cool IG kids.

Short way down.

I generally don’t like to share too many cool spots so openly, but the word is out now.

So if you want to hit up Kaohsiung’s super cool IG picture building just be careful of the garbage, the workers and check to make sure that the roof dogs don’t come down and get ya!

So I stopped by here today, the first time since last July(2019). Now there is a guard on the bottom floor and the work on the top few floors that started last year is still going on, so I am actually not sure if you can go to the top floors anymore.

Also, I wanted to stop by again since I recently got a new cellphone and it has a wide-angle lens, so I wanted to see if I can get the “cool IG” shot with my phone. Looks OK. Anyway,these are the new shots that I took today.

So you can still go to 高大百貨 and say hi, but you may have to say hi to the guard first!


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