Hai-po Presbyterian Church 湖內海埔基督長老教會

Hai-po Presbyterian Church 湖內海埔基督長老教會 was built in 1953. It’s located in Hunei District 湖內區. A small rural district in northern Kaohsiung.

I mentioned it a little in the post about the old tomato factory ruin, but I wanted to give it it’s own post because it’s pretty cool.

This church is actually the old church. The new church was built in 2003, so this church wasn’t used much in the last number of years. But luckily it hasn’t been demolished.

The church made the news in 2018 when a local temple was on a temple procession and broke down the doors and broke windows and set off firecrackers, and fireworks inside of the church. The temple originally said it wasn’t their fault, they were just following the God’s order. In the end, they did eventually apologize and gave a donation to a local charity.

I happened to be in the area shortly after the temple broke into the church and the door was still not repaired. So I used the opportunity to take a peek inside. It was cleaned up quite well and the broken windows were boarded up. It was nice to see the inside.

This is the temple where the temple parade came from. They took quite a lot of criticism after the incident.

This is the new church. Built in 2003.

If you want to find the church just Google 海埔教會舊址.

There’s lots of other cool stuff in Hunei District 湖內區 to see and that hopefully, I’ll write about at some point. So if you’re in Hunei don’t forget to stop by the old church and say hi!


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