Hualien’s Lost Road 跳浪斷崖,跳浪隧道

I generally only share a secret spot if it’s already well-known or gone. I don’t want to give up spots where something can be stolen or destroyed etc. If it’s already well-known in Taiwan, then I doubt me writing about it will cause too many problems.

This road is one of them. I have seen this road get popular recently so why not share. Since it is really beautiful, not too dangerous, and easy to get to, people probably should go and enjoy the awesome view.

It’s part of Taiwan’s Provincial Highway 11 (台11線). Provincial Highway 11 is actually a pretty beautiful road anyway, so if you’re around Hualien (or doing the Taitung <>Hualien drive) and have the time why not check out the old bando road, too!

The road 台11跳浪舊線 was closed in 2007 because of frequent rockfalls. Years of typhoons, earthquakes, coastal erosion and general abandonment has taken its toll. However, it makes for a great walk, run, or bike ride. And recently, of course, a great Instagram spot.

It’s pretty hard to find a road in Taiwan that is not crowded. So I was pretty happy walking along here.

This is the most popular spot. Instagrammers will come here and sit and get a cool photo with a great background. It’s pretty cool.

That’s the end of the road for me. The road is split in two and over that rubble, there is more road. I didn’t try to walk over it and check it out. There still might be a few more ways to the other part of the road but I didn’t try them. (Never enough time for everything)

View from the end of the first part of the road.

To get here is super easy. You can just google 跳浪斷崖 or 跳浪隧道 and drive. If coming from Hualien, just drive past Farglory Ocean Park (遠雄海洋公園) for ten minutes and stop at the beginning of the first tunnel and look to the left.

So if you’re in Hualien or driving to or from, why not stop off at the old road and say hi!


2 thoughts on “Hualien’s Lost Road 跳浪斷崖,跳浪隧道

  1. Thanks again for getting to places that I never did, and then for sharing them with us. The road is, like so much of the east coast, beautiful… I shall share this with a friend who retired in the USA about 8 years ago after over 40 years in Taitung and Hualien. I’m sure she’ll appreciate it.


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