Jurassic Park 侏羅紀公園

I went to Kenting 墾丁a couple times this spring to visit some friends that opened up a beach side restaurant on Nanwan Beach 南灣 , and while gazing out at the beautiful southern Taiwan landscape from the taxi window I saw dinosaurs!! Actual dinosaurs!!

Well of course not actual dinosaurs but ya know what I mean. But still Dinosaurs!! I totally bookmarked this spot in my brain for a later date.

I had been planning a trip to south, south Taiwan for some time and knowing that dinosaurs could be involved I picked a weekend this summer and we went and yup I got to hang out with dinosaurs.

I kinda wanna hug you.

Kids all over the world really like dinosaurs and since I’m a kid at heart I really, really like dinosaurs. So I was so happy to walk around and just be alone with a bunch of dinosaurs. Especially since they wouldn’t be able to eat me

Urbexing can be dangerous.

It seems that this place was a kind of amusement park where children could drive these little cars around a path and then, I guess, their parents would take pictures of their little angels and everyone would have a great time.

I assume that the ticket price was too much for such a short adventure so it went out of business, or actually kinda changed business.

Look out

There is a go-kart track right beside these dinosaurs. At this go-kart track, you can actually drive around some other dinosaurs so I guess they downsized a bit and turned those little cars into go-karts. Probably a good idea as the go-kart track was pretty busy.

what little boy doesn’t like dinosaurs.

I first went to the dinosaur park alone and no one at the go-kart track seemed to care so later in the day we went together. After I posted a couple pictures I noticed that when people went that someone had cut the tall grass. The dinosaurs are still there but it defiantly gave less of a Lost World feel.

Nature is cruel
Any Dino Doctors out there?

Growing up sucks. No one asks what my favorite dinosaur is anymore. It’s a Stegosaurus, not that you care .

Puppy Love

It’s true my favorite dinosaur growing up was the Stegosaurus, so you can imagine how happy I was to finally meet some in the wild.

I went twice, twice in one busy day, and really could have spent all day here. Dinosaurs!!!!

It’s super easy to find this place. If you are going to Kenting 墾丁國家公園 look out the widow on the right hand side and stop and enjoy!!

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