Dongsheng Theater 東昇戲院

An old theater on Penghu 澎湖 and not just on Penghu but kinda in the middle of nowhere Penghu.

Dongsheng Theater 東昇戲院

Ticket Booth

Dongsheng Theater opened on February 1st 1970 東昇戲院在 民國59年 2月1日 and closed down 6 months later.

View from the second level.

The government at the time want to give the soldiers in the area some entertainment as well as help rural development.

Projector Room

TVs and it’s remote location were main factors for it not staying in business very long.

View from the top.

You can see a few houses at the top of the photo, but I am guessing that in 1970 there were even less. It’s about 20 minutes outside of Magong 馬公 which at that time would have been a long ride.


Penghu ended up having a small number of theaters over the years and still has one multiplex in operation.

As with most countries, it’s become popular in urbex to have the picture of the pretty girl in the abandoned building, here’s our version.


I’ve been wanting to see this old theater for a long time now and finally got the chance to go to Penghu and visit it.

If you’re ever in Penghu and driving around stop in and check it out. It’s pretty easy to find and safe, and don’t believe what you read, no ghosts!!


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