Zuoying Theater 左營戲院 :Part 1

This old theater wasn’t the first theater I did some exploring in, but it was my favorite.

Unfortunately, it isn’t around anymore.

It was demolished during the summer.

I drove, walked and biked by this theater dozens of times and luckily one day I saw the door open.

I walked up to a guy nearby and started talking to him and after a little while found out that it was the owner of the theater.

After chatting for a few minutes he finally asked if I wanted a little tour. A little tour, of course!!

Rows and rows of old seats
The full view

The theater went through the glory days of Taiwan theaters and had a name change as Taiwanese started to buy TVs and stay at home more.

The new name of the old theater 左營金昇戲院 Zuǒ yíng jīn shēng xìyuàn

Although the building had many shops on the lower level and even many residents living in it, the theater sat idle for many years.

I went in a few more times after this great meeting, but the first time is always the best, isn’t it?

Well, until I saw the projection room!!


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